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Spring Self Care

Self-care is the routine of taking an active role in protecting your well-being, seeking happiness, and being able to respond to times of stress so that they dont result in imbalances and lead to health problems.

Self-care requires checking in with oneself and attending to one's needs. Find ways to engage with activities you find relaxing and rejuvenating. Learn to recognize when you need to switch off and take a break. Be comfortable saying no to people around you when you feel things are overwhelming and exceedingly demanding. Most importantly, do not hesitate to speak about and share what you are experiencing, as this is also critical for self-care.

How to take care of yourself in the Spring season?

Spring is finally here; more sunshine and the fresh scent of flowers and grass are a treat after a long winter. Regardless of the season, taking good care of yourself is important. In order to take care of yourself, you need to maintain a good balance in the following areas.

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Intellectual

You have to focus on these types to practice self-care; if you focus on only two or three, you may feel tired and stressed.

Emotional Self-Care

A big part of emotional self-care is to look after your emotions and mental health. These self-care activities will help you relax in depression, stress, and anxiety.
Emotional self-care helps you connect with your emotions in a way that makes you feel satisfied.

Examples of Emotional Self-Care

  • Meditate

Meditation can sound intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Simply taking a few minutes to breathe deeply is a meditation practice.

  • Forgive yourself

The best way to release the past. Burdens and trauma are to forgive yourself and choose. Love instead. If you are not ready to let go, simply honor your willingness to acknowledge it.

  • Always choose happiness

Whenever you get into circumstances that try to threaten your happiness, ask yourself this simple question: "would I rather be right or happy?"

  • Gratitude and appreciation

Prioritize the feeling of gratitude by intentionally
Showing appreciation for people and things around you.
Gratitude is the best way to get out of an emotional rut quickly.

  • Skincare
Skincare habits aren't always as complicated as they seem to be. It might be anything as comfortable as using lip balm, cleaning your face, applying moisturizer, sunscreen, or whatever suits you.

It would help if you changed your skincare routine as the season change. You can also check to buy skincare products according to your skin type.

  • Rest 

The advantages of lying down for a few minutes equal those of taking a power nap. It is for those of you who have a problem sleeping at night and can't risk taking a nap during the day (as it can upset your sleeping pattern). So rather than taking a nap, you can just lie down for a few minutes to let you're whole relax.
Spiritual Self Care

  • Social Self-Care

Social connection is another crucial dimension of self-care. Social contact helps create a sense of belonging and endorsement that we humans need, allowing us to create and share a common bond with others.

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